Mourning Sun, a paranormal romance featuring vampires and high school, is written, but the author needs money to pay the company to conduct the book tour. $300 isn’t an unreasonable sum, but what the hell is that company doing with the money? Please, Shari, if you see this, it’s a scam. Just call up some small book stores and book it yourself for zero dollars.

Bonus: Can you spot the typo on the book’s back cover?

You can get 1,000 bumper stickers for under $200, true, but this guy NEEDS $1000 to get the word out, via the bumper sticker medium, that “Animals Have Feelings Too,” and TEN PERCENT of all profits will go to the ASPCA!

Dude needs to do something with ten years of obsessive videotaping of garage sales. And why not? What’s more compelling than looking at a bunch of garage sales where you can’t buy anything?